The Armadillo Notext Desk by D2D is Convenient

D2D’s Armadillo Notext desk is on the road again for your accessibility and convenience. The Notext desk is safer by convenient efficient proximity. 

Don’t text and drive, desk and drive. This product is not recommended for use while moving or driving, but it makes casual surfing is a breeze.  There are no tools necessary to use the product, you just place and flip it. It takes a second to place or remove to back seat or trunk, and only weighs four pounds depending on sizes of components ordered. The Notext Desk fits most vehicles. This is a great tool, and is sure to change the way people look at texting and driving.  

Implications - Our "Notext Desk" makes for a great vehicular gadgetry holder.  And looks good too.  Function followed by Form.  D2D is great to use to just get away from the office and do it all from the comfort of one’s vehicle anywhere and anytime.  Forget about the traffic delay stealing any more your valuable time.  Just flip it and get it on with D2D!  Get more B2B with D2D.  Traffic light cycles, drawbridges, railroad crossings, traffic, more traffic, drive thru’s and more.  Welcome the wait with D2D.  Casual surfing is a breeze.  Also great for Maps!  Driving view is not obstructed whatsoever.  Passenger fits no problem depending on vehicle and desktop size ordered.  Thank you for the view!