The NOTA Mug Holds Your Stirring Spoon Securely Inside While You Sip

 - Apr 8, 2013
References: & yankodesign
Many Southeast Asian countries will serve you your cup of coffee or tea with condensed milk: a mixture that requires constant stirring while you sip. The NOTA Mug has been designed with this action in mind, offering the cafe customer a clever little niche for stashing his spoon inside his drinking vessel.

The lovely ceramic coffee cup has an otherwise familiar look about it. Its smooth, cylindrical form flares slightly towards the rim, it's taller than it is broad, and it incorporates a generous handle on one side. The subtle texture of horizontal bands makes it charming and pleasant to touch.

What's most unique about Lee Hae Seung Scott's NOTA Mug is the two teeth that escape inside of the brim, opposite the handgrip. These hold your utensil in place for convenient repeated use; this way, you don't have to place it on the table.