The Nooks Shelf System by Michael Bernard Takes on Various Forms

 - Jan 4, 2014
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One trick ponies in the realm of furniture just doesn't float people's boats as much as more creatively versatile designs do nowadays, as the Nooks Shelf System shows. Not only is it a flexible piece of furniture, it is eco-friendly and economical as well.

Designed by Michael Bernard, an industrial designer based in Berlin, Germany, the Nooks Shelf System revolves around a customizable bracket system. Essentially, these specially fashioned brackets allow people to form everything from storage boxes to full shelving units and even seating, if people are so inclined. Not to mention that the brackets are compatible with just about any kind of board, which further allows people to choose the look of the resulting Nooks Shelf System as well. Not to mention it follows Bernard's overall theme of sustainability and simplicity.