Nonspace by Emily Grundon is Serene and Meditative

 - May 18, 2012
References: emilygrundon & design-milk
Abstract and minimalist, the photo series titled Nonspace by Emily Grundon explores architecture in a very artistic way. Instead of focusing on the building or inner spaces as a whole, this photography project hones in on the nooks and crannies of specific white areas that turn the structures into two-dimensional-like canvasses. As observed by Design Milk, it "aims to highlight the architectural geometry of space through a study of light and shadow."

Serene and tranquil, the photo series titled Nonspace by Emily Grundon has a meditative quality about it. The viewer can literally lose themselves in each image as they fill the blank walls with their own thoughts and imaginations. Grundon writes, it "hopefully creat[es] a quiet but intriguing view of the simplicity and value of architecture."