The Nobu Miake Cathedral Table is Religiously Inclined

The Nobu Miake Cathedral Table has a religious spin to it, with a design that would make any priest proud. When looking through the glass top, the design looks like the outline of a well-structured church.

The Nobu Miake Cathedral Table is the perfect versatile stand due to its small structure andvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvv practical design. This piece of furniture would be a snug fit beside a bed or could even serve as a living room accessory to hold a light or a few books. Whatever your preference, the Cathedral table will have you feeling pious in no time.

Implications - This compact table takes a familiar design and infuses it with a modern twist. Using well-known products and making slight changes is a great way to appeal to the many consumers looking for a new product, yet also requiring a sense of familiarity with their purchases.