Pizzeria Pub and Grill in New Jersey Is Tromp L'Oeil Tour De Force

 - Feb 24, 2009
References: wherescool
Located in the tiny town of Middlesex, New Jersey, Pizzeria Pub and Grill may have a bland and uninspired name, but the food is above average. However, the real reason to go is the décor. Crafted by a local artisan over the course of several months, virtually every corner of the restaurant is a treat for the eyes. Visual puns abound and the numerous street scenes are chock full of inside references to pop culture as well as local celebrities, both public and private.

Combining traditional trompe l'oeil techniques with extreme forced perspective and 3-dimensional sculpture, the mid-sized eatery has transformed itself from a nondescript garden state pizzeria into a sophisticated café on a quiet, yet bustling, boulevard. A diner finds himself immersed in a world of fantasy, an alternate reality akin to being engulfed into a work of art. This is the type of effect Disney used to strive for when it had a full time staff of Imaginers.