The Nite Ize WrapLit Twists and Bends to Illuminate Dark Spaces

 - Jun 8, 2012
References: niteize & gizmag
It can sometimes be difficult to illuminate certain objects because traditional lamps can't get close enough to the source, but the Nite Ize WrapLit can be contorted into different positions to light up even the hardest to reach dark spaces.

This LED light is attached to a big, rubberized coil that can clamp onto a desk, for example, or be bent into its own stand to act as an extremely versatile lighting solution for tricky situations.

The WrapLit is also extremely compact thanks to its tiny, yet powerful, LED light and the ability to scrunch it up when being stored. While it is not meant to light up an entire room, it does work well in close quarters like working under the hood of a car or reading at a desk.