'Nintendo Hardware: the Infograph' by Cracked Points Out the Mistakes

 - Aug 2, 2010   Updated: Jul 13 2011
References: cracked
'Nintendo Hardware: The Infograph' by Cracked takes a look at Nintendo's history. The several failures in the game company's past led to wins with more recent technology.

Nintendo has been a leader in gaming technology for quite some time, and has reinvented its products to meet demand and consumer feedback. The 'Nintendo Hardware: The Infograph' by Cracked compares gaming past with present to prove it is okay to make mistakes.

Implications - While this infographic highlights past failures, it also provides an element of amusement and nostalgia for all those lifelong gamers out there. Some gamers are so young that they've never even played with the old controller. This infographic will definitely be better understood by older gamers.