The Nike x Rostarr Collection Features Trailblazing Design Cues

 - Oct 25, 2016
Nike's running apparel has gained acclaim not just for its embracing of the latest and greatest athletic performance technologies but also for eyecatching design, and that is perfectly exemplified by the products that make up the brand new Nike x Rostarr collection. This line of products includes shoes, jackets and other products with artwork designed by Brooklyn-based painter and calligraphy expert Rostarr.

The highlight feature of this running apparel collection is the use of gorgeous sweep-style brushstrokes that are designed to depict, in liberally abstract fashion, the sight of a clutch of runners hustling over the finish line, something that makes for excellent aesthetic interpretation that also holds much meaning for runners. Ultimately, this is a collection that combines industry-leading performance technologies and inspiring artwork for a total package.