This Table Turns into a Bat and Shield to Strike Fear into Trespassers

 - Apr 3, 2013
References: ixiqi & incrediblethings
There are lots of night stands and bedside tables out there, but this is likely the only one that will strike fear into anyone who breaks and enters into your home.

The idea is simple and frankly a little hilarious in a terrifying way. Simply put, if you hear a prowler in the night or you just want to frighten your friends, you can roll out of bed and use the night stands as an instant self defense kit. The shaft of the table becomes a bat or a club, while the surface of the table becomes a shield. At this point, you can use your accrued medieval fighting skills to beat back prowlers. Perhaps getting beat up by a night stand will give a burglar reason to pause the next time they smash in a window.