1979 Explores Iran's Islamic Revolution Through a Moral Lens

 - Aug 16, 2011
References: cnn & gamepolitics
Nick Khonsari, the director of the record-shattering Grand Theft Auto series, has unveiled the details of a new project entitled 1979. The game will follow the intrigue, politics and morality of Iran's Islamic Revolution through the eyes of several characters.

Tehran is set to join Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City as a locale in the burgeoning "sandbox" genre of video games. Khonsari, a Canadian of Iranian descent, hopes to explore the turmoil his forebears experienced through an interactive medium. 1979 -- named for the date of the famous U.s. embassy hostage crisis -- will throw players into the shoes of several protagonists: a student demonstrator, a translator, a militant and other archetypes critical to Iran's changing history.

With a tag line like, "There are no good guys," 1979 will likely be the first big budget video game to explore a non-American historical event with maturity and sensitivity.