Lana Del Rey Poses for Next Libération No. 62

Lana Del Rey has kicked off the media circus surrounding her highly anticipated third album, 'Ultraviolence,' by posing for Next Libération No. 62. Cleverly titled 'Lana Confidential,' the editorial incorporates aesthetic cues from the 1997 neo-noir film.

Rey moseyed on down to the iconic Sheats Goldstein Residence in Los Angeles, where photographer Matthieu César shot her in black-and-white. Despite the fact that she's most likely on the cusp of yet another major success, Rey looks particularly wistful, maybe even forlorn, in these photos. Melancholy and nostalgia have always been a part of Rey's charm, and it's very possible these elements are now inextricable from the "gangsta Nancy Sinatra" persona she has cultivated.

In the accompanying article, Rey discusses the process behind her third album, which features a rockier flavor, thanks to production by The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach.