Turn Computer Unicode into a New Customized Emoticon Design

 - Sep 9, 2013
References: newmoticons & wired
The emoticon market is growing; the world is no longer satisfied with a colon plus a bracket to signify a smiley-face. Instead, new apps like Emoji are popping up so that text users can intensely customize (and visualize) their messages. Even Facebook has gotten in on the action, expanding the range of emoticons available in its chat feature.

Web artist Ryder Ripps previously ran a twitter account entitled @newmoticons, which utilized Unicode to create amazingly meticulous, imaginative emoticons. For instance, he created emoticons that resembled famous people, like dead presidents or musicians. Now, Ripps has gone one step further: a website titled newmoticons.com allows users to use his design interface to create and label their own emoticons. The labels are sometimes super helpful for identifying what you’re looking at.

Since these emoticons go much deeper than your average range of emotion they can cover a wide variety of situations or moods. And the possibilities certainly seem endless as there are 500,000 possible Unicode combinations. So, take the emoticon craze one step further with these extremely clever, often funny emoticon designs.