The New Lights by Andrew Neyer Adhere to Modern Minimalism

 - Mar 5, 2014
References: andrewneyer & design-milk
The new lights by Andrew Neyer, art director and head curator at YES, a collaborative artist-run studio, gallery, and shop in Cincinnati, Ohio, are stunning examples of modern minimalism. The simple construction and sleek lines of each design both stand out and blend in the background without any regard for the limelight. Instead, they perform a function in a aesthetically-pleasing manner.

The four new lights by Andrew Neyer involve Stone Light, which has a cone-shaped concrete base, Goodnight Light that could easily be mistaken for a contemporary bulb on its own, Mobile Light, which looks like the Goodnight Light but suspended from the ceiling on a rotating fixture, and Crane Light, which essentially speaks for itself. Simple in different ways, these designs would enhance any living space without taking over existing decor.