New Etiquette Guide

 - Oct 2, 2006
Debrett's Peerage, a world renowned author of Etiquette, is now straying from her past topcs to offer sleaze tips for posh girls. "It's a nod to the modern day," she told Reuters. "We're pulling Debrett's out of Victorian times and trying to make it relevant to today." An example of the advice, "Always use a proper ashtray -- never a wine bottle, flower pot or used plate -- and avoid allowing smoke to billow out of the nostrils. It is also inelegant to leave the cigarette unsupported in the mouth..."

From Reuters (London):
For hundreds of years, Debrett's has guided Britain's aristocracy through the niceties of meeting royalty, going to the races or eating soup in the correct way.

Now the publishers of the bible of blue-blooded behaviour are straying into previously unmentionable areas of the life of a modern girl -- with a new book offering guidance on adultery, toplessness and celebrity gossip.