Neuton CE 6 Electric Lawn Mower Is Green on the Green

 - Jun 4, 2009
References: neutonpower & ohgizmo
The Neuton CE 6 Rechargeable Lawn Mower is a fully electric lawn motor with no wires, gasoline, or the awful (kind of nice) smell of harmful emissions.

Oh, that euphoric smell of freshly-cut grass mixed with gasoline fills the air of summer.

I know everybody wishes they could take the straight freshly-cut grass by itself if they could (you know it’s coming).

The Neuton CE 6 runs on a rechargeable 360-watt battery that will last for about an hour. The battery does take 12 hours to recharge (too long), but for once-a-week cutters and small properties, this baby is right for you and the earth.