Forget Dials and Buttons, the Nest Thermostat Learns Your Habits

 - Oct 31, 2011
References: nest & gizmodo
The temperature is perpetually changing, so why force yourself out of your comfortable lounge chair to adjust the indoor climate when you can leave the maintenance to the Nest Thermostat, your new thermostat!

Half the time, I can’t tell whether the spinning knob has any effect on my house’s temperature -- the other half the time, it does the opposite of what I ask! The solution is simple: the Nest Thermostat will pick up on my preferences and habits within days of installation, changing the indoor conditions autonomously. The intuitive device is compatible with both air-conditioning and central heating, glowing blue for the former and red for the latter. For the eco-conscious, the Nest can be controlled from the comfort of your smartphone or computer, lest you leave the heaters blasting in your absence. Interested? The Nest will be available in November and will start from $249.00.