The NEST by Ivan Zhang Transitions from Boat to Bolster

 - Oct 11, 2013
References: apostrophe-ivandesign
Listen up campers, the NEST by Ivan Zhang boasts the ability to satisfy your needs in the tent and on the lake. This nifty inflatable product can function as both an air mattress and a recreational boat.

The A'postrophe Design project was inspired by the ghost glass fish with its transparent body. This product has been made with clear plastic material that's designed to be blown up to a broad and comfortable thickness. It isn't, however, simply transitional in the very same form, for it was thoughtfully enhanced by cords and carabiners on the inside.

With all ropes loose, the NEST by Ivan Zhang makes a great dry-land cushion. If you want to take it onto the water, clipping the spring hooks creates a cozy indentation to keep you a little dryer.