These Necklace Projectors Put the Future in Your Hands

 - Mar 8, 2014
References: dvice & newscientist
The Necklace Projector is the perfect combination of technology and jewelry.

Created by researchers at the university of Ulm, the Necklace Projectors are like having a smartphone around your neck. They project a screen onto any surface -- the floor or your hand -- allowing you to perform tasks that require a screen like checking emails, text messages and Facebook on the go!

According to Christian Winkler from the University of Ulm, "The projector gives you a window into the virtual world that you carry around like a flashlight, as a way of serendipitously accessing information."

This smart jewelry is easy to control as it recognizes hand gestures. Different hand signals allow the user to position the screen and switch through apps. The device will even allow you to customize gestures for easy access.

The device makes its debut in April at the computer-human interaction conference in Toronto, Canada, and pretty soon the future will literally be (projected) in your hands!