Mauro De Donatis' Nebula Font is Out of This World

 - Oct 16, 2011
References: maurodedonatis &
The Nebula Font is out of this world typography. A stunning, celestial design, it is inspired by the cloud of gases found in space. Although the Nebula Font has been set within the parameters of scientific thought, there is also something quite magical about each letter. It even looks like the substance that could be emitted from a wand after casting a spell in Harry Potter.

Conceived and created by Rome-based graphic designer Mauro De Donatis, the Nebula Font is quite haunting. The deep blues and purples blend together beautifully to create an ethereal and surreal presence. The Nebula Font is the next natural progression of the fiery fonts designed by Ruslan Khasanov.

Who knows what these designers will come up with next?