Heat Up Your Food On The 'Natural Wave' Tray

 - Mar 23, 2009
References: homedosh
Aspiring to keep your food warm with no extra energy consumption, Yoo Byungseok introduces an ingenious heat-capturing accessory for your home radiator, the Natural Wave.

This heat-friendly tray boasts a simple but neat design and is intended to fit gracefully on your home radiator. By placing your cups and dishes on top, the nifty elongated plate promises to warm up your delicious food and keep it so with no wasted energy or costs.

The eco-conscious designer aims at finding methods and products that fuse within the already functioning surrounding, thus enhancing the energy potential of our homes. The heat emitted by our radiators is one of the greatest energy strains to our environment; it is unbelievable how simple designs like the Natural Wave can result in considerable power-saving solutions.