The NARS Steven Klein Holiday Line is Inspired by Surrealist Imagery

The NARS Steven Klein collection arrives just in time for the holidays, but it's anything but mistletoe and tinsel-themed. Based on Klein's unique photographic vision, the NARS Steven Klein makeup pieces are inspired by surreal scenes of leather-clad contortionists and oddly masked women.

The packaging of the NARS Steven Klein collection reveals the imagery that inspired it. In one image, a thin woman washes dishes in curlers, wearing a bizarre, Friday the 13th-like mask. In another, a face painted in thick white makeup has no visible eyes but multiple red-lipped mouths. It's a clever take on Steven Klein's highly themed photographic work, with a strong but seamless emphasis on makeup.

Highlights of the NARS Steven Klein collection include the One Shocking Moment Cheek Studio Palette, three new metallic nail polish colors and eight gift sets that will make perfect stocking stuffers.