Dear Esther is a Game Based Solely on Poetry With no Challenges

 - Feb 14, 2012
References: dear-esther & pc.ign
Indie game developer thechineseroom will release their newest creation Dear Esther on February 14 through Steam's online store. Originally developed as a free Source engine, the game now offers players the chance to experience the story of a shipwreck survivor whose voiced-over letter fragments to the aforementioned Esther accompany the player as they wander around on a mysterious island.

Unlike contemporary video games, Dear Esther does not present the player with any objectives or missions; players can't even interact with the environment beyond the use of a flashlight that automatically turns on in dark areas. What Dear Esther does provide is the opportunity to enjoy a well paced, poetic narrative that accompanies the visually stunning landscape of the island. Dear Esther is not for everyone, but those who want to experience an innovative new approach towards what video games can provide should give it a shot.