The Narcisso Coffee Table is a Poetic Piece About Reflection

 - Feb 13, 2012
Despite the absence of any mirrored surfaces that assemble the Narcisso Coffee Table, the object's composition invokes thoughts about twin images. Perhaps the incorporation of more reflective materials might have even overcomplicated the piece's presence.

Eliel Cabrera constructed this chic furnishing with gorgeous bent plywood, cut into the shape of a square and beveled at the corners with dramatic creases. A duplicate component is placed against it and lightly meets the other with their sloped edges touching.

A vivid high-gloss finish coats the underside of both hard surfaces, contrasting with the rich woodgrain through an expression of bold turquoise color and much more lustrous properties. Here, one can begin to detect the experiential reflective quality of Narcisso Coffee Table. Mirrors would only have robbed this object of its identity.