Nando's 'No One Likes to Eat Alone' Uses Past Tyrants to Sell Chicken

 - Nov 30, 2011
References: nehandaradio & youtube
This chicken company will make your jaw drop, but not from its savory chicken special wafting in your nose. It will be from its comedic use of disposed dictators to sell its product in the Nando's 'No One Likes to Eat Alone' ad. The commercial for Nando's South Africa shows the likes of Robert Mugabe (President of Zimbabwe), Muammar Gaddafi (former President of Libia), Saddam Hussein, Pieter Willem Botha (President of South Africa) and Idi Amin Dada of Uganda having a grand old time from the good old times.

They're displayed making angels in the sand, pushing each other in swings and other merry activities, but it's all part of nostalgia on behalf of the last dictator standing, Mugabe, as he sets his dinner table for an empty room. He is sad because of the political upheaval in recent years that has left being a dictator as a lonely occupation. The musical back drop 'Those were the days,' is perfect. The ad finishes with, "no one likes to eat alone, so get the Nando's 6-pack." Bam!

Too soon? Or perhaps the political climate in South Africa is light enough on the subject of fallen dictators to poke fun at it. The ad has caused a gang in Zimbabwe to attack the Nando's chain and they're demanding that they withdraw the ad. This Nando's 'No One Wants to Eat Alone' ad is shocking, yet hilarious.