Dzmitry Samal's Industrial Design Collection is Based on the Body of a Man

 - Nov 23, 2009
References: samaldesign
Contemporary Industrial Designer, Dzmitry Samal is known for the 'new retro-futurism' style of his naked human furniture. To his recently created human table with muscular legs, he has added a few more pieces; a lower table, a chair, mirror, and closet. As with the table, the chair and mirror have the appearance of being supported by a pair of man's legs. But it takes a full bodied man to support the closet, which actually looks like it is stepping into or out of a free-standing closet.

The naked human furniture is made of soft plastic, with a metal structure inside for support and is offered in metallic colors of purple, blue, greens and golds.

This naked human furniture will be sure to elicit comments from intrigued guests. I am glad that he didn’t add a bed frame to his collection, because I can only imagine what a startled guest’s reaction would be if they check under the bed before going to sleep, only to find a man under there!