The Ergonomic Naja Hammer by Marc Sicard Hits the Nail on the Head

 - Dec 2, 2011
References: marcsicard & mocoloco
A mallet is one of those common implements that has not undergone a redesign in some time. The Naja Hammer by Marc Sicard might look barely recognizable as a functional adaptation, but a close inspection reveals its advantages and the shortcomings of standard utensils.

First of all the designer wished to solve for added comfort and ergonomics, sheathing the solid metal apparatus from head to toe with a shock-absorbent plastic. Grip is further enhanced through the incorporation of small dimples in the material and smooth ridges along the sinuous cylindrical shaft.

The Naja Hammer by Marc Sicard also flaunts the rearrangement of the nail extractor to the opposite end of the tool which allows the hand and wrist a choice of angles for leverage when grasped on different parts of the head.