Nagai Hideyuki Makes the Page Come Alive

 - Jun 26, 2012
References: nagaihideyukiart.jimdo & mymodernmet
If you’re a big fan of 3D art, then you’ll love the work of Nagai Hideyuki. A 21-year old artist hailing from Japan, Hideyuki’s mastery of graphic perspective is apparent in every one of his hand-drawn pieces. Using notepads as a canvas and pencil and charcoal as drawing tools, Hideyuki creates clever works that must be viewed from a certain angle in order to achieve the full effect.

Perspective is not the only technique this young upstart applies; the self-proclaimed anamorphic artist creates surreal sketches with a host of inspirations. The result: a pop-up story book of sorts that is sure to haunt and amaze you at the same time.