Peter Augustus' Series Emphasizes Food Production

 - Aug 7, 2014
References: peteraugustus & featureshoot
Texas-born Peter Augustus aims to help us face our food fears with his latest series 'Mystery Meat.'

There exists a pretty large disconnect between the origins of our dinner and what it looks like when it's served to us on a plate. The middle man -- all that prep work of cleaning, processing and packaging -- seems to be completely ignored, or at least taken for granted.

Augustus experienced a bit of a culture shock moving to Hong Kong, where the propriety of concealing any food that isn't visually appealing is most certainly not practiced. Instead, meat shops all over the city brazenly and gruesomely display every animal part you can think of in their store windows. Though it might be a bit disconcerting upon first glance, we must admit that this practice is more honest than its Westernized counterpart, a method which is centered on camouflage and disguise. Of course, while not immediately appetizing, the series isn't meant to disturb or repulse, but rather remind us about the production that goes into our food.