The My Grip Pen is Designed to Make Writing Easier and More Fun

 - Apr 13, 2011
References: bruynzeel-mygrip & springwise
Dutch company Bruynzeel-Sakura's My Grip pen is a revolutionary new writing utensil designed to aid young children learning to write. The pen has an ergonomic and customizable design intended to make writing both more fun and easier.

How do you make writing easier and more fun? Quite simply actually. The My Grip pen is constructed of colorful individual pieces that can be connected or removed to make the pen bigger or smaller as needed. The pieces come in all different styles which encourages children to trade with one another to customize their pens. The unique shape of the pieces lets children wield their pens in either hand. The pens have been given the 'teacher-approved' label and are currently selling for around $13 a pop.