8 Year Old Juliet Presents 'My First Hardcore Song' to the World

 - Jan 20, 2012
References: youtube
The newest star of the YouTube generation is 8-year-old Juliet of Australia, who has presented 'My first hardcore song' to the blogosphere. Uploaded to her mother's YouTube account, the clip shows this tiny girl moshing, head-banging and generally rocking out to her heavy metal tune, which she made over the holidays with a producer named Rob Sharpe.

Sweet little Juliet has appeared in a few other videos on her mother's account, but none have garnered the attention 'My first hardcore song' has in its first day online. The song is about Juliet's frustration over the smell of her "stinky" fish and her love for her dog, Robert, and begins with a charming and extremely cute "get your two step on!"