This Company Connects Brain Trauma Patients with Music Therapists

 - Sep 28, 2015
References: medrhythmstherapy & forbes
MedRhythms is an organization that brings music therapists together with patients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.

Case studies and research have shown that music therapists can greatly accelerate and increase healing in patients who suffer from mobility, cognition or speech issues related to brain trauma. Music therapists work with patients using various techniques such as walking to live music, actively listening to music, singing and playing the piano or percussion instruments.

MedRhythms facilitates the connection between music therapists and patients, offering staffing solutions and educational training to hospitals, raising awareness about neurological music therapy (NMT) and even linking music therapists directly to people who could benefit from their help.

In concert with physical therapists and medical professionals, MedRhythms' music therapists have helped patients improve their ability to move, speak and follow cognitive processes after the tragedy of a brain injury.