The Ready-to-Drink ALIVE Teas Support the Body's Ability to Fight Stress

 - May 22, 2019
References: canada.gtslivingfoods & prnewswire
GT's Living Foods, which is known for its range of kombucha beverages, launched a line of adaptogenic teas by the name of ALIVE that takes inspiration from Ayurvedic medicine. In the ancient holistic healing system, various super herbs were used to help to aid with everything from bolstering the liver and immune system to calming anxiety and stress.

ALIVE takes the form of a convenient, ready-to-drink product line that's powered by three main adaptogenic mushrooms—Reishi, Chaga and Turkey Tail—and apple cider vinegar.

The flavors that ALIVE is introducing include: Black Lemon, Cascara Spice, Matcha Vanilla, Guayusa Turmeric, Mate Mint and Pu-Erh Root, and they are said to provide "a crisper, revitalizing alternative to the brand's signature Organic & Raw Kombucha."