These Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Ads Capture the Feeling of the Illness

 - Jun 23, 2011
References: google & ibelieveinadv
Sometimes the use of visuals is more powerful than words and that is exactly what these Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Ads use as a method of sending its message. The images illustrate the bodies of humans as building blocks, depicting people with Multiple Sclerosis as extremely fragile.

Created by advertising agency Colenso BBDO, the Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Ads are accompanied by the caption "with MS, you never know what will go next." It feels as if at any moment a block will fall from the human structures in the ads. The nature of the images instill an anxiety that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of the illness.

Although hard to capture the essence of a disease in an image, these Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Ads definitely succeed gracefully.