Robin Edds Illustrates Mr. Men and Little Miss Characters as Londoners

 - Sep 22, 2015
References: buzzfeed & stylist
Mr. Men and Little Miss is an iconic children's television show and book series. Though the original series stars such characters as Mr. Silly and Little Miss Helpful, writer Robin Edds has crafted his own line of Mr. Men and Little Miss characters inspired by quirky Londoners.

These hilarious illustrations depict some of the odd behavioral traits that occur in London, England. In a city that is known for its often packed public transpiration system and high amount of tourists, these Mr. Men and Little Miss characters represent some of the impatient, irrational and rage-worthy traits some Londoners practice.

With such characters as 'Little Miss #Brunch' and 'Mr. Lived Here 5 Years But Still Isn't Certain How to Pronounce "Marylebone,"' these illustrations truly capture some Londoners in the most comedic way.