Coin Killer Game

Social marketing is about to revolutionize online advertising. Right now, most people over the age of 40 don't know the meaning of "Social Media Optimization," and they don't understand how inexpensive, and yet how effective such promotion can be inside a dynamic online advertising campaign. Young executives have a hard time explaining to their superiors exactly how they will succeed in the shadowy world of online chat rooms, blogs and discussion forums.

The "Coin Killer Game" is an interactive solution to a viral marketing challenge posed by most anticipated release of 2007, the new Coen brothers movie, [url=]No Country for Old Men[/url].

This attraction is being hailed as the best piece of filmmaking ever evidenced by the cinematic siblings - its certain to be a must-see movie for millions of devoted fans.

In this film, a compressed air tank welding villain played by Javier Bardem asks a gas station attendant, "How much have you ever wagered in a coin toss?" The same dialogue has been preserved online in the opening frames of the Coin Killer Game.

After uploading a personal photo, each visitor must click the 'flip this coin' prompt and watch as an American quarter rotates up above the banner, where it disappears: The user is asked to chose 'Heads or Tails?'

This exciting challenge ends with each visitor ultimately losing the match, and then watching in horror as his or her personal photo becomes a 'death portrait'.

The game imagines the player's death portrait and simulates what each face would look like after being struck by the villain's signature weapon. Check out the author's own face after the gruesome attack.

The Coin Killer Game is the next evolution of online marketing; already a Facebook widget, this application is almost certain to convey tens of thousands of unique viewers to the [url=]No Country for Old Men[/url]site before the campaign ends in late November.