This Mothercare Baby-Feeding Bottle was Inspired by Takeout Javas and Teas

 - Feb 1, 2013
References: designweek &
While working on the Innosense line of baby products, Daniel Weil noticed a trend in the way that baby bottles have changed shape over time. His Mothercare Baby-Feeding Bottle is a reflection of the current takeout coffee culture, just as he discovered that the old 1960s models looked a great deal like Coca-Cola containers.

Thus, this product comes in three sizes: perhaps you could call them Tall, Grande and Venti. They broaden as they rise from the base and feature asymmetrical lids with off-centered suckers, reminiscent of the placement of the small openings in the tops of to-go coffee cups. The added benefit of this design for the Mothercare Baby-Feeding Bottle is that infants swallow less air when while drinking.