Buccellati Has Made the Most Expensive Cases for iPhones and iPads

 - Apr 1, 2014
References: buccellati & luxurylaunches
Let's face it, even if you can afford the newest top-of-the-line phone or tablet, the look of often gets boring pretty quickly; Buccellati has revealed the worlds most expensive cases for your iPhone and iPad so you always have something to stare at in awe.

The cases are available for iPhone 5s and for the iPad Mini. The cases cost $206,000 and $481,000, respectively. Why so expensive? The blinged-out case is covered in gold and sparkles with small diamonds sunbursts. The one-of-a-kind case is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's solar illustrations. The cases really are spectacular looking, and the price tag alone makes them a hot commodity.

If you're looking to fork out that much cash for the iPhone or iPad case you better do it quick -- they might not fit your phone or tablet for long if Apple releases something soon!