Lacy Knudson Uses Play-Doh Mosaic Art as a Bonding Activity

 - Nov 29, 2013
References: twistedsifter & mymodernmet
Artist and mother of three Lacy Knudson proves that adults can enjoy Play-Doh just as much as children can with 'Dozayix,' a mosaic art project made entirely with the sticky substance. The project name is a hybrid of "Play-Doh," "Mosaics" and "Fun," which encapsulates all the elements of this inventive art venture. Knudson had an Eureka! moment while she was playing with the art compound, noting that the colors could be worked with to create something.

As for the process, Knudson meticulously molds sculpting clay (up to 23 pounds!) into penny-sized dots. She then combines these 10,000 dots together in an impressionist-style to achieve the finished product, an amazing piece of work varying in size from 3x4 to 4x8 feet. Though these mosaics take months to configure, the process is especially significant to Knudson, as it offers her both bonding time with her three young ones, as well as a creative outlet.