Morphed Mirror by Frederik Roije Sucks in to Reveal its Supports

 - Jun 9, 2011
References: roije & mocoloco
Many designers feel that they have to hide the structural supports behind their magnificently made objects, but the Morphed Mirror by Frederik Roije has no shame in uncovering its hardware. In fact, it's has to be visible to be functional.

The image one must picture is that of your standard rectangular reflective piece, but where this one deviates is in its desire to divulge the very pegs that hold it in place. In exposing the wooden dowels that fix the object to the wall, the panel has had to have smooth notches cut out of its sides. The irony is that the such a support system requires this material narrowing, for if the Morphed Mirror by Frederik Roijé remained rectilinear, the entire pane of glass would fall to the floor.