The Morph Armor by Navik Lal Hopes to Reduce Wrist Injuries

 - Nov 6, 2012
References: yankodesign
Snowboarders may be encouraged to wear helmets and even to stuff a pillow down their pants to protect their butt, but the Morph Armor addresses perhaps the most common area of injury for these sport enthusiasts: the wrist. It fits like a cast in order to provide protection to everything between the hand and elbow.

Conceived by Navik Lal, the Morph Armor is designed to ensure the wearer is able to retain near-full mobility throughout their arms while protecting them as well. It is made up of 2 splints with multiple segments joined by what Lal has labelled 'living hinges.' It is these hinges that will not compromise the sport.

The Morph Armor is secured to the arm by way of an 8 point lace system.