The Moonwatch Concept is Pure Lunacy

 - Apr 6, 2010
References: theemotionlab &
Happen to be an astrology enthusiast? If you answered yes, I advise you to check out the Moonwatch Concept. As everyone knows that the lunar cycle (to a certain extent) can have an effect on our moods and dispositions. Whether you wholeheartedly believe this or it just peaks your interest, this nifty little piece of arm candy will let you closely follow the monthly path of the moon so as to give you an explanation why you might be so moody.

Created by the Emotion Lab, the Moonwatch Concept is a very intriguing piece of jewelry. If you end up following it closely, you might begin to discover a pattern in your disposition which is great because when someone asks you why you are in such a foul mood, you can simply smirk and say, "It's that time of the month."