An Intriguing Table Ornament, Mont Penrose Mimics and Impossible Shape

For an item that is often rather flat, the Mont Penrose trivet has been designed to present the optical impression that it actually occupies more dimension than 3D. This complex-looking collection of three identical pieces can be combined to reference the impossible Penrose Triangle.

Designer Jean-S├ębastien Poncet used concrete to cast this trio of multifaceted objects, creating creases and peaks that form sections of shadows to give the components additional depth. The shapes appear to twist and turn, though they do not. The Mont Penrose is thus a compelling decorative creation that causes one to think and consider its formation.

Besides its aesthetic function, the dining table centerpiece is quite practical. It can protect your furniture from hot-bottomed pots, it poses as a pedestal for fruit bowls and it can even be arranged to act as a set of bookends.