Monovelo is Here to Change the Outlook of Night Traffic

 - Mar 1, 2013
References: monovelo
Monovelo is a new human-powered monowheel that looks extremely fun to ride. It is a completely eco-friendly transportation system and I sincerely hope that it becomes a popular transportation tool, taking the streets one step closer to the Jetson’s air travel.

Monowheelers can light up their Monovelos at night and create festive visuals for night photographers. This fun, nerdy and efficient monowheel is easily parkable, incredibly space-efficient and quite honestly, way more awesome to carry around than than a regular bike.

Monovelo has been used in lighting performances before and is now ready to hit the traffic. If we can avoid having traffic accidents happening due to drivers getting distracted by seeing these around, we can ease into making Monovelos a fun and exciting part of traffic.