MoneyLockup Uses AR to Gamify the Money-Saving Experience

 - Mar 7, 2018
References: moneylockup
Saving money can be a challenge for anyone who is constantly tempted to swipe a credit card or constantly dip into a bank account with ease—but MoneyLockup aims to change this for the average person by making it difficult to access one's money and at the same time, make the saving process more fun.

MoneyLockup uses augmented reality to gamify the money-saving experience by having its users stash their money at a physical location. As a location-based app that provides an experience that is comparable to Pokemon Go, MoneyLockup only makes it possible for app users to access their money on-site.

With MoneyLockups, money is held in one's name in a Barclays digital bank accounts, making it easy for users to hold onto more of their hard-earned dollars.