This Modular Pegboard System Accommodates a Broad Range of Items

 - Dec 25, 2015
References: & yankodesign
Clutter is generally understood as a bad thing within the home and office, yet it's harnessed in this modular pegboard in a way that's actually quite delightful. The design by Navid Akbarnejad is for a system of canvas-like tiles that accommodate the fixing of a wide variety of storage modules to the wall.

A planter, a cup holder, a pen holder, a mailbox, a cubby, a shelf and a small cabinet with a mirror are some of the units that the Glance modular pegboard are able to support. Tabs on the back of each piece have been designed to slip securely into the plus-shaped holes of the backing, keeping every element aligned and in place. Despite the diversity of objects within this collection, the consistency of their materiality and yellow accents makes the group look cohesive rather than chaotic.