Virang Akhiyaniya's Modular Paint Brush Boasts Sectioned Bristles

 - Feb 18, 2012
References: cargocollective & yankodesign
The Modular Paint Brush boasts a simple and clever tweak to the traditional tool. Hardware stores and personal garages are often filled with different sizes of paint brushes, all of which serve various and necessary purposes. This particular paint brush, however, eliminates the need for having so many laying around. It can be customized at whim, changing sizes whenever the occasion calls for it.

Designed by Virang Akhiyaniya, the Modular Paint Brush is made up of sectioned-off bristles that are easily attached and detached from the expanding metal handle.

The Modular Paint Brush not only makes the painting process simpler since people won’t need to fiddle with numerous brushes, it also makes cleanup easier. Instead of washing the paint out of multiple brushes, the user only needs to clean one.