The 'Dori' Flowerpot Uses Senors and an Irrigation System to Water Plants

 - Aug 15, 2016
References: facebook & indiegogo
The 'Dori' is a sleek modern planter that comes equipped with smart technology. As its creators know, remembering to water flowers and other plants can be a hassle, especially if one is gone away on vacation or even just has an imperfect memory.

In order to fix this, Jarek and Radek, two physics students from the Lodz University of Technology, decided to create a system that would ensure plants would receive just the right amount of water when needed. The modern planters work by collecting information from the sensors inside of it, which tell it whether or not watering is necessary.

If it is, then the Dori automatically adds water to the drying soil so that the plant doesn't start to wilt. The sensors that supply this information are able to tell everything from the soil resistivity and conductivity to the humidity and temperature.