The Mobilysis Portable Dialysis Machine Gives Patients More Control

People with kidney diseases can often be found sitting or laying down for hours on end as they receive dialysis treatment to clean out waste and excess water from their blood; the Mobilysis Portable Dialysis Machine could dramatically change this time-consuming, life-saving procedure. It is a wearable device that allows patients to lead relatively normal lives while still receiving the necessary treatment to stay healthy and alive.

Designed by Nico Strobel, Stefan Silberfeld, Dimitar Genov and Maria Gartner, the Mobilysis Portable Dialysis Machine was recently named the winner of the Distinction Award at the 2011 National Design Prize of Austria. The belt, which houses the infrared cleansing unit and a catheter connection, conveniently and easily straps around the patient's midsection. It can be controlled via a smartphone app.