miraDry Uses Microwaves to Stop You From Perspiring

 - Aug 21, 2012
References: miradry & technabob
If you are willing to go to extreme lengths to get rid of your armpit sweat, then the miraDry procedure is exactly what you are looking for. This strange medical procedure uses microwave technology to "zap" your armpits and thereby, kill 20,000 to 30,000 sweat glands. Voila! No more sweaty armpits.

The miraDry procedure is said to work on 90% of patients and is said to reduce sweating by 82%. Multiple sessions are needed in order for the procedure to work effectively, and each sitting costs $3,000. Once completed, armpit sweat should be reduced for about a year.

Are we not supposed to sweat though? If you are sweating profusely, it is most likely an extremely hot day, which, naturally, is making your armpits hot and sweaty. Our bodies do this to cool us down. Proceed with caution if you do decide to "zap" your armpits with miraDry.